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Welcome to the CSTC website!

The primary objectives of the site development effort were focused on aesthetics, simplifying content, and increasing the visibility of programs. The new design also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation, and a responsive layout for all (viewing on phones, computers, tablets) platforms. Explore the site to learn more about the full spectrum of services! Please also send us an email with suggested changes, additions, edits, etc.

In addition, the CSTC Website is going to be the workhorse that will collect member dues, support event registration, and communications.

To login, you will first need to set up your password. Click here to update your Password. Once updated, you can login here, using your Username  - and new Password. While you are logged in, please complete your profile (it is searchable to help people find you)! You can even renew your dues and register for an event.

Login and take a look at your new membership landing page! Here you have quick access to your member profile, events, self-study courses, chapter pages, renewing your membership, and your CSTC member benefits. You can also contact the CSTC office or Board of directors right from your landing page!

Please take a moment to access your profile and make sure all information is correct. If you have any corrections, please make the changes by clicking edit.

Contact Information

We have new email addresses for the office. Please see below for the new contact information for the Executive Director, as well as the general information email.

Contact Dinusha Fernando - [email protected] for questions regarding membership

Contact Derek Kozaites - [email protected] for questions regarding the CSTC website and email communications

Contact Pam Ramirez - [email protected] for questions regarding Chapter events

Contact Beth Ramirez - [email protected] for questions regarding the Annual Conference

Contact Jenn Baker - [email protected] for questions regarding the Board of Directors

General Questions [email protected]

Phone Number: (949)715-4192

Fax Number: (714)632-5405

CSTC Mailing address: PO Box 10, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267