San Diego Chapter


Meeting Details

Are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, May-December, either virtually or In Person.
See the CALENDAR tab for meeting details and registration.


Registration Fees:  MEMBERS $20 AND NON-MEMBERS $50
LINK and any materials will be provided via email once you have registered for the event.


Registration Fees:  MEMBERS $40 AND NON-MEMBERS $70
LATE Registration fee or WALK INS: MEMBERS $60 and NON MEMBERS $90
Reservations must be made online, by midnight, on the Monday prior to the meeting or late fees will be charged.

Meetings are held at the HANDLERY HOTEL San Diego
950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego CA 92108


5:00PM – 5:30PM         Registration and Networking
5:30PM – 6:30Pm         1st 50 minute session
6:30PM – 7:30PM         Dinner, announcements and Door Prize drawings
7:30PM – 8:30PM         2nd 50 minute session


During Tax Season (January-April15th) we meet every FRIDAY at 8:00AM.
Outside of Tax Season (May-December) we meet the 2nd and last FRIDAY of each month at 8:30AM.

To participate, email your request to [email protected] to be added to the group.
No registration, no cost, no education credit, just camaraderie and brainstorming.
Currently, there is no plan to return to In Person for this event.

Board of Directors

Hasani James, President, Region 4 Director, (619) 370-7472, [email protected]
Heather L. Santineau, Vice President, Region 4 Director, (858) 278-1164, [email protected]
Wayne Hatch, Treasurer, (619) 200-2190, [email protected]
Terry Smith, Secretary, (858) 672-1519, [email protected]
Demara Woodson, BOD, (858) 277-8780, [email protected] 
Jane Chou, BOD, (619) 892-5177[email protected]
Mary Conkwright, BOD, (619) 713-6520, [email protected]
Linda Farmer-Francis, (619) 417-5233, [email protected]
Katherine Feather, BOD, (858) 274-3300, [email protected]
Gary Quackenbush, (858) 549-8600, [email protected]
Mike Tullio, (858) 395-5767, [email protected]
Greta Ward, (619) 644-1752, [email protected]

Miscellaneous Information