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February 2021

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CSTC Member Benefits

CSTC members have access to benefits such as free payroll processing services for your tax practice, and the opportunity to earn new revenue through their flexible partnership options.

CSTC is pleased to include the VeriFyle ProTM premium secure online document and message sharing service at no cost to CSTC members!

Wolters Kluwer: Discounts on Tax, Accounting & Audit Resources, Software, Information & Services. 

 CSTC members receive the TaxBook WebLibrary at a special price

Other Member Benefits Include:

$ Savings on all Society Educational Events

$ Savings on Contact, Correspondence & Self Study Education

$ Savings with member specialty CSTC Connects (previouslyYellow Pages) list

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$ Online CSTC Find-a-Tax Consultant search to help promote your business!

$ CSTC Member Listserv

Office Depot has partnered with us to provide exclusive savings in-store and online, plus fantastic additional benefits. This program is all about providing preferred pricing to our clubs, and the savings extend to almost every item.

Savings include 20% to 55% off item office supply core list, 20% to 55% off retail on cleaning  & break room items, 10% off branded; 20% off private brand  ink & toner core list, Average 10% off  retail on 200 technology core items, Free next-day shipping on orders of $50 or more, and SIGNIFICANT savings on copy & print. Become a CSTC member to sign up for our Office Depot Small Business Savings Program, administered by Excelerate America.

We are a professional full-service tax advisory firm in San Diego. Our goal is to provide a level of service for our clients that will exceed expectations in every possible way. We strive to offer a diverse level of services to meet the needs of the diverse community we have been working in for more than 30 years.

TaxMama's® EA Exam Course prepares tax professionals to do so much more than just pass the IRS' Special Enrollment Examination. This is an in-depth course that teaches tax law from the ground up. It explains how tax returns work, with examples of basic 1040s, Schedule Cs, 1065s, 1120s, and 1120Ss; you learn tax law, tax research, client representation for audits, appeals and collections. 


If you are interested in buying or selling a practice, contact us today! ATB is operated by Enrolled Agents ensuring a complete understanding of our profession. Please give us a call at (855) 428-2225 or visit us online at www.ATBCAL.com for more information and to view our current listings.
CA DRE 02002824


CSTC Mission Statement

CSTC advances professionalism within the tax industry by:

  • Providing quality education
  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Advocating professional standards


From the President
Just Hang On!

Rick married Robin and after a while they welcomed their first son into the world. He was perfect. While it’s true that most parents believe their kids are perfect, at least at first, this kid really was exceptional. He was good looking, tall for his age, learned to speak earlier than normal, and in preschool he excelled above his classmates. He was a pleasure to parent. Several years later, Robin gave birth to their second son who seemed to be just like his brother, until they noticed very early on that he wasn’t. He was a handful as a baby and as a toddler developed some behaviors that required a parent’s full time attention. He was diagnosed with autism. The pre-school couldn’t handle him and the school system could not meet his needs. He was constantly kicked out of organized activities due to uncontrollable behavior and the inability of his teachers and coaches to manage him. The couple struggled through some very difficult times that challenged everything they tried. Their third son was born with Aspergers and their fourth son with Down’s syndrome. They had their hands full.

Rick wrote a book called “Keep it Together Man - For Dads With A Special Kid”. I have known Rick and seen him at functions around town for years but have not had much close interaction with him. I always saw him as an easy going and happy guy who had a great attitude about everything. His wife Robin has always been a kind and loving person who I would see occasionally at service projects where we served together. For the past year I got to work with two of their sons in a youth group and to get to know Rick better. They are a lot of fun to be with. To learn more about him and his family, I decided to read his book “Keep it Together Man” and was totally blown away by his life story with his four sons and daughter. It is truly inspirational to know what they have gone through raising three special needs boys while remaining sane and happy. Nothing they did as a family was ordinary, it was extraordinary. Toward the end of his book Rick declares “I am the luckiest man alive”. His life exemplifies love, strength of character, and grit. He truly believes he is the luckiest man alive and the way he and Robin live proves it.

Why do some people seem happy despite hardship, illness, and loss while others who seem to have it all are miserable? How do some people keep pushing forward against what seem like impossible odds while others give up at the first sign of stress or strain? There are many books, articles, and podcasts available to tell us how to be happy and successful, but not all of them work for everyone. Each of us need to find what works for us and our special cases. The longer I stomp around on this planet, the more I feel the aches, pains, and limitations that seem to come with grey hair. Every time something else starts to hurt, I need to make a choice. Am I going to complain about it and stop trying, or am I going to look at what I can do and keep pushing forward perhaps using a different method? Through his book and his friendship, Rick taught me that it does not do any good to stop trying, because that does not make the problem go away. The only way to solve the problem is to work through it. Unfortunately, no one is going to sweep in and rescue me from my situation. That only happened in movies. Pushing forward requires effort and belief that you can solve it. The longer I live, the more I realize just how resourceful people can be when they put their mind to it.

During this year of tremendous change, it has thrilled me to see how creative people are in solving problems. The ways that people have changed their businesses and their personal and family practices to get through tough times is truly inspirational. 

As an attorney I get to talk with people every day about their personal and business situations. I have found that no matter where we are in life – financially or otherwise – most of us live at or very near to the end of our ropes. It seems to me that no one has it easy and no one has it on cruise control.

A wise man once said that living at the end of our rope is not far from reality – the key is to tie a knot and hang on. To that I would add; while you are hanging on, take a look around at all the incredible, beautiful, and creative things that surround you and draw inspiration from them. As long as you have a knot tied at the end of your rope and are hanging on with one claw, you will be fine. But, you must hang on.

As members of CSTC we are enjoying the fruits of “hanging on” together and changing how things are done in new and better ways. We have provided awesome continuing education to thousands of people online and our membership is growing every month. This month we added 50 new members to our ranks! That’s fantastic! Welcome news members! Thanks for joining us on our journey to “improve the tax industry one professional at a time”.

Please take a few minutes every day to look around at all the incredible, beautiful, and creative things that surround you and get inspired. 

Have a fantastic February!

Your friend, Gary Quackenbush, CSTC President

Calendar of Events
February 2021

February 2, 2021

Topic: Breakfast Meeting
North County San Diego Chapter In-Person Meeting
1 Federal Law hour (Topics covering existing tax law)
Click here to learn more and register

February 3, 2021

Topic: California Property Tax
San Francisco Bay Chapter Virtual Meeting

2 California hours (Topics covering California law issues)
Click here to learn more and register

February 5, 2021

Topic: Federal Tax Update
Temecula Valley Chapter In-Person Meeting
1 Federal Update hour (Topics covering new tax laws)

Click here to learn more and register

February 7, 2021

Topic: Roundtable Discussion 2020 Tax Return Issues/Resolutions
Greater Long Beach Chapter In-Person Meeting
1 Federal Law hour (Topics covering existing tax law)
1 California hour (Topics covering California law issues)
1 Federal Update hour (Topics covering new tax laws)
Click here to learn more

Topic: Special Brunch Meeting And TaxBook
Central Valley Chapter Virtual Meeting
1 Federal Update hour (Topics covering new tax laws)
3 Federal Law hours (Topics covering existing tax law)
Click here to learn more

February 9, 2021

Topic: IRS Due Diligence & TAS Appeals Process
Orange County South Chapter Virtual Meeting
1 Federal Law hour (Topics covering existing tax law)
1 Ethics hour (Topics meeting the ethics requirements under Cir 230)
Click here to learn more

February 17, 2021

Topic: Employee Retention Credit and Round Table Discussion
San Jose Chapter Virtual Meeting

2 Federal Update hours (Topics covering new tax laws)
Click here to learn more and register

Click here to view the CSTC calendar.



Tuesday, June 8, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: California Property Taxes: How They Work and Post Prop 19 Strategies
Speaker: Frank Acuña, Attorney at Law
Hours: 2 California Hours
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: Biden Tax Proposals
Speaker: Jane Ryder, EA, CPA
Hours: 2 Federal Update Hours
Knowledge Level: Update

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

10:00 AM to 11:40 AM Topic: New Developments in Cryptocurrency - Reporting and Enforcement
Speaker: Michael Stein, Esq
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Thursday, June 10, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: California Updates
Speaker: Karen Joyner, EA
Hours: 2 California Hours
Knowledge Level: Update
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: The Impact of Tax Changes on Your Client's Real Estate Investments
Speaker: Steve Mecham
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: FATCA Rules for Foreign Retirement Account Reporting
Speaker: Monica Haven, EA, JD, LLM
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Advanced
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: Releasing Levies on Paychecks, Bank Accounts and Assets
Speaker: Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

10:00 AM to 11:40 AM Topic: Multistate Tax Issues
Speaker: Shannon Hall, EA
Hours: 2 California Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Thursday, June 17, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: The Necessity of Preparing & Submitting a FOIA Request
Speaker: LG Brooks, EA, CTRS
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: Retirement Tax Planning Update
Speaker: Lawrence Pon, CPA, EA
Hours: 2 Federal Update Hours
Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: Form 990 and Unrelated Business Income
Speaker: Louis Michelson, Esq
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Advanced
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: Choice of Entity
Speaker: Jane Ryder, EA, CPA
Hours: 2 Federal Tax Law Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

10:00 AM to 11:40 AM Topic: ABC's of Family Member Theft
Speaker: Cynthia Healy, CPA, CFE, CSA
Hours: 2 Ethics Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Thursday, June 24, 2021

8:30 AM to 10:10 AM Topic: California Collections - Start to Finish
Speaker: Veronica Marelli, EA
Hours: 2 California Hours
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
10:45 AM to 12:25 PM Topic: Estate Planning - Funding and Maintaining Living Trusts - Tax Reduction Strategies
Speaker: Gary Quackenbush, Esq
Hours: 2 California Hours
Knowledge Level: Basic

Registration coming very soon!

Register TODAY for Running Start

Not just theory...Real-life application! All the latest news about how the CARES Act, the SECURE Act, the Disaster Act, and other recent legislation impact federal and CA tax returns, including new forms explained line-by-line.

Things you'll learn...
· Complete coverage of IRS & CA forms
· Latest news about the CARES Act, SECURE Act, Families First Relief Act, Disaster Act, and more...
· Reconciliation of advance payment (rebates) to stimulus credit
· How does PPP discharge affect tax return? Are expenses paid with loan proceeds deductible?
· New forms with real-life examples to show you how to complete them
· Line-by-line calculations on new forms & worksheets
· CA adjustments calculated and illustrated on Form 540 Sch CA
· Case studies – Client documents to completed tax return
· Court cases, revenue rulings, and more...
· Worksheets, flowcharts, and checklists to help you keep it all straight
· 400+ page manual mailed to you
· Free FAST FACTS reference card!
· NEW Free CA nonconformity reference card!
· Information you can use in the REAL WORLD!

This on-demand webinar will allow you to take the class whenever it is convenient for you, either all at once or a little bit each day. Attendees who register before December 1 will not receive their materials until December 1. Attendees who register after that date will receive their login information within three business days of registration. Books will be mailed to the address on the registration form within 7 business days of purchasing the course.

Available until March 31, 2021


A Message from the CSTC 2nd Vice President

Greetings from your 2nd VP. Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed this past holiday season; I was fortunate enough to have plenty of snow where I live! Alas, now it’s time to get back to work.

As 2nd VP Membership for CSTC, I want to acknowledge the 138 NEW MEMBERS who joined during 2020. Welcome! CSTC is ecstatic to have you with us!

Our membership really began to take off with the introduction of the CSTC Academy. The Academy was born out of necessity when our in-person Summer Symposium was canceled due to the pandemic situation – and IMHO The Academy has thrust CSTC well into the digital realm! All classes were held using our Zoom platform, and the event was an outstanding success!

Chapters jumped onto The Academy train and began hosting meetings via our Zoom platform. Those Chapters that embraced Zoom have been extremely successful. Where in-person meetings limit attendance based upon how far the attendee will travel, online education allows members to attend meetings anywhere. I happen to live in the San Bernardino County Mountains; for me, a trip to the bottom of the hill is 30 minutes of mountain driving – and I still need to drive to my destination point. With online education, I’ve attended events in San Diego and Los Angeles counties. I couldn’t be happier! I miss in-person networking – as no doubt do most of you – but I certainly don’t miss the driving nor the cost associated with travel to an event from where I live.

For 2021 our education committee has some fabulous events planned; The Academy – with its online platform – is here to stay so please watch this newsletter for announcements of education coming your way after tax season!

For our new members, I’d like to highlight a couple of benefits you might enjoy; these benefits are provided to CSTC members free-of-charge. There’s no reason NOT to take them for a test drive.

First – ADP offers free payroll services for a CSTC member’s own business. It’s true – most of us know how to do our own payroll, but… why spend precious time doing payroll when ADP is offering to do it free? Personally, I like free! The hours you save not doing payroll will now be available for billable work. ADP also offers an optional partnership program that may help you grow your practice… definitely a win/win.

Second – Verifyle is a cloud storage and sharing tool that offers powerful encryption technology for each individual item in storage. Verifyle is an extremely safe portal to use for exchanging and storing documents with your clients. Best of all, Verify Pro is free for all CSTC Members.

I’ve been using Verifyle for a few years now, but I decided to watch this tutorial (click here to watch) sent to me by Society…. and I’m glad I did. Verifyle is ever-improving their system, and there are some new features I wasn’t aware of. This one-hour tutorial is well worth the time to watch whether you’re new to Verifyle or a seasoned pro.

We all know how important security is to our practice; it’s our fiduciary duty to safeguard ALL of our client’s information. Yet many of us still use email to send documents back and forth; we may as well be handing those documents over to identity thieves if our eMail or the host server gets hacked. Please take the time to watch the tutorial and consider taking your FREE Verifyle Pro subscription for a test run; I think you’ll be very pleased with how easy it is to set up and use.

You can find out more information about ALL benefits for CSTC Members on our website: https://www.cstcsociety.org/member-benefits

Once again, Welcome to all our new members; and Thank You to all our renewing members. Without you, CSTC would not be the great organization that it is!

Respectfully submitted,

Jen Horton, 2nd VP Membership, Society Board of Directors

Welcome New CSTC Members!

Please help us in joining our newest CSTC Members!

Mellie Alfano
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Matthew Arba
San Jose Chapter

Frances Archer
San Jose Chapter

Barbara Hanson
North County San Deigo Chapter

Jonathan Cunningham
San Diego Chapter

Franklin Denis
Los Angeles Chapter

Keforie Dhie
Los Angeles Chapter

Claudia Espinoza
Greater Long Beach Chapter

Mariana Estupinan
Sacramento Chapter

Dennis Frankeberger
Inland Empire Chapter

Colleen Fry
Los Angeles Chapter

Ami Gilad
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Martha Gutierrez
Member-at-Large Chapter

Maria Luisa Hernandez
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Laura Hernandez
San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Jessica Hinh
Orange County Chapter

Phoenix Hsu
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Carol Johnson
San Diego Chapter

Yvonne Lane
Greater Long Beach Chapter

Terri Larry
Los Angeles Chapter

Vicki Madsen
Central Valley Chapter

Sandy Magid
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Abdul Mahmood
Central Valley Chapter

Hiren Majmudar
Inland Empire

Mosh Mehrnia
Central Valley

Mikalyn Mellby
San Diego Chapter 

Vicki Merola
Orange County Chapter

Easton Miller
Orange County South Chapter

Wayne Mitsunaga
San Jose Chapter

John Nelson
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Mohamad Numair
San Francisco Bay Chapter

Rose O'Brien
San Diego Chapter

Gina Onishi
Central Valley Chapter

Richard Page
San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Linda Phipps
San Fraancisco Bay Chapter

Mary Quay
San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Veronica Salas
San Diego Chapter

Mohammadreza Sardar Farshchi
San Jose Chapter

Steven Schaze
San Jose Chapter

Robert Small
Member-at-Large Chapter

Larry Smith
South Orange County Chapter

Donna Stern
Orange County Chapter

Victoria Talamantes
Inland Empire Chapter 

Lynn Thompson Kuhn
San Jose Chapter

Michael Tullio
East County San Diego Chapter

Ronzella Varnado
Greater Long Beach Chapter

Natalia Villalobos
Los Angeles Chapter

Steven Volpin
Los Angeles Chapter

Bing Zheng
Orange County Chapter

Katie Zollo
Wine Country Chapter

Legislative Advocacy

CSTC has been the leading Association in supporting legislation to provide protection for our profession, to support our profession, and to enhance our profession. CSTC continuously leads our industry through legislative advocacy, educational opportunities, and professional inclusion.

CSTC works closely with a Legislative Consultant to keep an eye on important bills that would affect taxpayers and small business owners.

Please click here to view the bills that CSTC is currently monitoring.


News from the IRS

New law increases deduction limit for corporate cash contributions for disaster relief; IRS provides recordkeeping relief

IR-2021-27, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today explained how corporations may qualify for the new 100% limit for disaster relief contributions and offered a temporary waiver of the recordkeeping requirement for corporations otherwise qualifying for the increased limit.

IRS updates FAQs on paid sick leave credit and family leave credit

IR-2021-26, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today posted updated FAQs about recent legislation that extended and amended tax relief to certain small- and mid-sized employers under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

EITC Awareness Day: Critical tax credit provides a significant refund boost to millions

IR-2021-25, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service and partners across the nation remind taxpayers about the Earned Income Tax Credit today on “EITC Awareness Day” 2021.

IRS offers guidance to taxpayers on identity theft involving unemployment benefits

IR-2021-24, January 28, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers who receive Forms 1099-G for unemployment benefits they did not actually get because of identity theft to contact their appropriate state agency for a corrected form.

Important reminders before filing 2020 tax returns

IR-2021-23, January 27, 2021 — Following an unpredictable year with many changes and challenges, the Internal Revenue Service today shared important reminders for taxpayers who are about to file their 2020 federal tax returns.

IRS creates new Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer position; Ken Corbin to lead new focus to improve service to taxpayers

IR-2021-22, January 26, 2021 — As part of a larger effort related to the Taxpayer First Act, the IRS announced today the creation of a new Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer position to help unify and expand efforts across the agency to serve taxpayers.

New law extends COVID tax credit for employers who keep workers on payroll

IR-2021-21, January 26, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service urges employers to take advantage of the newly-extended employee retention credit, designed to make it easier for businesses that, despite challenges posed by COVID-19, choose to keep their employees on the payroll.

New IRS "Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online" offers contact-free signature options for tax pros and clients sending authorization forms

IR-2021-20, January 25, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today rolled out a new online option that will help tax professionals remotely obtain signatures from individual and business clients and submit authorization forms electronically.

Get a federal tax refund faster with direct deposit

IR-2021-19, January 22, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminds taxpayers that the fastest way to get their tax refund is by filing electronically and choosing direct deposit.

IRS urges taxpayers to gather tax documents now for smooth filing later

IR-2021-18, January 22, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers that organizing tax records is an important first step for getting ready to prepare and file their 2020 tax return.

Employers can withhold, make payments of deferred Social Security taxes from 2020

IR-2021-17, January 19, 2021 — The IRS today released Notice 2021-11 addressing how employers who elected to defer certain employees’ taxes can withhold and pay the deferred taxes throughout 2021 instead of just the first four months of the year.

2021 tax filing season begins Feb. 12; IRS outlines steps to speed refunds during pandemic

IR-2021-16, January 15, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service announced that the nation's tax season will start on Friday, February 12, 2021, when the tax agency will begin accepting and processing 2020 tax year returns.

IRS Free File available today; claim Recovery Rebate Credit and other tax credits

IR-2021-15, January 15, 2021 — IRS Free File – online tax preparation products available at no charge – launched today, giving taxpayers an early opportunity to claim credits like the Recovery Rebate Credit and other deductions, the Internal Revenue Service announced.

Businesses have Feb. 1 deadline to provide Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC to recipients

IR-2021-14, January 14, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded businesses and other payors that the revised Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, and the new Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation, must be furnished to most recipients by February 1, 2021.

IRS reminds taxpayers to make final estimated tax payment for 2020

IR-2021-13, January 14, 2021 — Taxpayers who paid too little tax during 2020 can still avoid a tax-time bill and possible penalties by making a quarterly estimated tax payment now, directly to the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS selects new IRSAC members for 2021

IR-2021-12, January 13, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the appointment of 13 new members to the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council.

National Taxpayer Advocate delivers Annual Report to Congress; focuses on taxpayer impact of COVID-19 and IRS funding needs

IR-2021-11, January 13, 2021 — National Taxpayer Advocate Erin M. Collins today released her 2020 Annual Report to Congress, focusing on the unprecedented challenges taxpayers faced in filing their tax returns and receiving refunds and stimulus payments during a year consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IRS ready for the upcoming tax season; last-minute changes to tax laws included in IRS forms and instructions

IR-2021-10, January 12, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today assured taxpayers and tax professionals that updates to key federal tax forms and instructions are complete and will be available when Americans begin filing their tax returns.

All taxpayers now eligible for Identity Protection PINs

IR-2021-09, January 12, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today expanded the Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program to all taxpayers who can verify their identities.

IRS seeks applications for the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee through March 1

IR-2021-08, January 11, 2021— The Internal Revenue Service is seeking qualified applicants for nomination to the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee.

IRS sends Taxpayer First Act Report to Congress

IR-2021-07, January 11, 2021 — The IRS today sent the Taxpayer First Act Report to Congress, a comprehensive set of recommendations that will reimagine the taxpayer experience, enhance employee training and restructure the organization to increase collaboration and innovation.

Treasury issues millions of second Economic Impact Payments by debit card

IR-2021-06, January 7, 2021 — Starting this week, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are sending approximately 8 million second Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) by prepaid debit card.

Treasury, IRS provide final regulations to help businesses claim credits for carbon capture

IR-2021-05, January 6, 2021 — Today the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations regarding the credit for qualified carbon oxide captured using carbon capture equipment placed in service on or after February 9, 2018.

Eligible Paycheck Protection Program expenses now deductible

IR-2021-04, January 6, 2021 — The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance today allowing deductions for the payments of eligible expenses when such payments would result (or be expected to result) in the forgiveness of a loan (covered loan) under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

IRS releases 2020 Progress Update; annual report details unprecedented year

IR-2021-03, January 5, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today released its 2020 annual report describing the agency’s work delivering taxpayer service and compliance efforts during COVID-19 while spotlighting actions taken by IRS employees to help people during the challenging year.

IRS revises Form 1024-A, application for Section 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status as part of ongoing efforts to improve service

IR-2021-02, January 5, 2021 — As part of ongoing efforts to improve service for the tax-exempt community, the Internal Revenue Service issued the revised Form 1024-A, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(4), and its instructions to allow electronic filing.

Economic Impact Payments on their way, visit IRS.gov instead of calling

IR-2021-01, January 4, 2021— The Internal Revenue Service today urged people to visit IRS.gov for the most current information on the second round of Economic Impact Payments rather than calling the agency or their financial institutions or tax software providers.

News Release and Fact Sheet Archive

Find an archive of news releases and fact sheets from November 2002 and news releases and a listing of fact sheets from 1997.

Click here for more information from the IRS

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