Member of the Year Recipients

About the Member of the Year Award: At the heart of CSTC are those individuals who give so freely of their time to further the CSTC mission. The Member of the Year Award is CSTC’s highest honor, and acknowledges an outstanding individual for their extraordinary efforts in helping their fellow tax professionals by supporting CSTC. Individuals are nominated by other CSTC members, and a panel of judges then selects the final recipient. The Member of the Year Award is presented at the CSTC Annual Meeting, and the recipient receives an Award and their name will be added to a permanent plaque at the Society offices.

Linda Dong - 2020 Recipient

Linda Dong graduated with honors from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a degree in Accounting. She went to work for the IRS, where she received very thorough training in taxes and began auditing corporations. Not liking the adversarial relationship inherent in tax audits, Linda left the IRS and started a tax and accounting practice from her home. She grew her practice to include four employees, but eventually downsized and is now once again a sole practitioner working out of her home office. She provides tax and accounting services to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Linda has been an Enrolled Agent (EA) since 1982. Her credentials from the Accreditation Council of Accountancy and Taxation include Accredited Business Accountant (ABA) and Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA). She is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and frequently teaches classes in accounting and tax to other professionals. A member of several tax and accounting professional groups, she is currently serving as First Vice President of the California Society of Tax Consultants and Secretary-Treasurer of the Wine Country Chapter

Ingrid Chamberlin - 2018 Recipient

Ingrid has devoted her time and resources over the past 8 years to develop a successful membership marketing plan for the North County San Diego Chapter and has also given encouragement and ideas to Society for the advancement of membership. She has devoted many hours participating not only at the Chapter level, but also in attending the Society Board meetings as well. As an enthusiastic member who believes in the mission Society promotes, she has diligently served on committees promoting the advancement of Society. Ingrid joined CSTC on 2009, served as the North County San Diego 1st Vice President (Membership Chair) from 2011-2018 and is the current North County San Diego Chapter President.

She sets lofty goals, has a humor drier than the Sahara desert , gets the job done, and cares about the advancement of the tax profession. Her support of the organization has been unwavering. She has been instrumental in developing the changes needed to move our organization's future forward and has embraced the visions of taking Society forward into the next millennium.

Priscilla Lerma - 2017 Recipient
Priscilla Lerma joined the San Bernardino Chapter of ISTC (Inland Society of Tax Consultants) in June 1992. The organization was later renamed CSTC (California Society of Tax Consultants) and the Chapter was renamed to Inland Empire Chapter. She become an Enrolled Agent in 1986 and worked part time for 21 years at H&R Block, Chino office and then went to work for Teders Business & Tax Service, Inc. in Ontario in October 2002 and is celebrating her 15th year with this firm this year. She does returns for Individuals, Estates and Trusts, some LLCs and specializes in Real Estate questions and mortgages. She also had a Real Estate license for 22 years.

Priscilla served as President in 2011 and 2012. She also served as Membership Director, Secretary and Greeter for the Inland Empire Chapter, and on the Public Relations Committee and Membership Committee at the Society Level. She has been a Notary Public since 1981. She is also a member of NSA (National Society of Accountants) and has appeared in the 1981-82 Twelfth Edition of Who’s Who of American Women.

Priscilla has also attended just about all of the CSTC Summer Symposiums, along with several of the IRS Stakeholder Liaison meetings, as well as the Long Beach, San Gabriel Valley and North County San Diego CSTC meetings. She also encouraged several of the High Desert Chapter members to join the Inland Empire Chapter when their chapter was disbanded.

Priscilla was born in Canada, but is now a naturalized citizen. She has two sons and 3 grandsons and loves to travel. She recently became a volunteer for Travelers Aid of Inland Empire at the Ontario International Airport.

Shirley Greta Ward - 2016 Recipient

Known to CSTC members as Greta, she joined CSTC on May 1, 1989 and has been actively involved, loyal and dedicated ever since.No matter what adversity or fear she may have been challenged with, Greta is always very positive and optimistic, all the while maintaining a great sense of humor.

She was President of San Diego Chapter in 2011 & 2012 and President of East County Chapter in 2016 & again in 2017. First Vice President of the Society in 2013 and Society 2nd Vice President in 2014.

The creator of the Autumn Classic in Morongo, CA.

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