Founded in 2005, Tax Materials, Inc. is a small, 100% American owned company, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We are proud to publish and produce over 20 products used in the tax preparation industry. As a small company, we realize that each dollar you spend was hard earned and must bring true value. It is our passion to provide the best products and the best prices. Please try TheTaxBook this tax season!

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Your clients want to know how the changes in tax law affect their tax return and financial situation. TheTaxBook has publications to help you understand and master all of the updated provisions from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!

As a reminder, when your members use the society promo code they receive the best pricing and free shipping year-round. Your organization receives a $5 rebate for each book, $10 for each WebLibrary user, and $15 for each Jacob Special user.

To learn more about TheTaxBook and all of the products offered by Tax Materials Inc. please visit their website at or call at 866-919-5277.

Our organization appreciates the partnership with Tax Materials, Inc. We hope you take advantage of the member discount and order for the 2018 tax year.  

P.S.: TheTaxBook includes 5 free services with any order; Tax Industry News, Free Online Credit Hours, Tools for Tax Pros, the Message Board, and TheTaxBook Updates!